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Thalia Theater

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23 June 2016

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12 Sep 1866


Article: New-Yorker Musik-Zeitung, 12 September 1866, 90.

The income and the performance skills of the Härting Theater ensemble were good, thus the theater will continue to exist. (…) Of the new artists, Mrs. Pelosi has made the best impression. She has gained a lot of additional skill since studying with Mrs. Peroni-Glasbrenner. In some of Pelosi’s solo parts she displayed a new side of her talent and showed herself very skillful. Mrs. Methua Scheller, Ms. Hesse, Mr. Härting and Mr. Lasswitz are the most significant members of the ensemble. Mr. Lohmann shows much talent, though is still clearly a ‘debutante.’  Mr. Ahlfeld does not even satisfy modest expectations.