Tony Pastor’s Opera House

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Tony Pastor's Opera House

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Play With Music, Variety / Vaudeville

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11 August 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

03 Dec 1866, Evening
04 Dec 1866, Evening
05 Dec 1866, Evening
05 Dec 1866, 2:30 PM
06 Dec 1866, Evening
07 Dec 1866, Evening
08 Dec 1866, Evening
08 Dec 1866, 2:30 PM

Performers and/or Works Performed


Advertisement: New York Herald, 02 December 1866.
Review: New York Herald, 06 December 1866, 10.

“This favorite resort for the habitués of the eastern side of the city was, as usual, crowded in every part last evening. The performance, which was of the usual combination character, seemed to give the most complete satisfaction to the audience, who by their repeated recalls showed themselves determined to have full value for their money. The negro comicalities of Gallagher, Wild and Armstrong were extremely mirth provoking; the dancing of Miss Bertha and the corps de ballet very graceful; the singing of Jennie Engle fair; and, indeed, every item of the first part of the programme fairly deserved a good deal of the applause which was so vociferously accorded it. The entertainments concluded with an Irish drama, entitled The Heart of Erin, or the Men of ’98. The piece abounds with startling incidents and interesting positions, but is rather too devoid of point to carry with it the sympathy of an audience. Tony Pastor is not on the bills this week. His absence makes a gap in the performances which is not easily filled, and cannot fail to be felt by his patrons.”

Advertisement: New York Clipper, 08 December 1866, 275.
Announcement: New York Clipper, 08 December 1866, 278.
Advertisement: New York Sun, 08 December 1866.