Article on the forthcoming Armand German and French opera season

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Manager / Director:
Johann Armand [tenor, director]

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17 November 2015

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29 Dec 1866

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This advertisement says that the Armand French Opera will move to the Thalia Theater from the French Theatre during this period, but they actually split their performances between the two venues, the German operas being given at the Thalia, and the French at the French.


Article: New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung und Herold, 29 December 1866, 6.

The directors of the Thalia Theater announce that the venue has been booked for German and French opera from 1/2/67 until 4/15/67. The ensemble will consist of the following singers: Elvira Naddie, Marie Friderici, Natalie Seelig (Hannover), prima donnas; Sophie Dziuba, Celine Laurantis, soubrettes; Therese Bonconfiglio, alto; Franz Himmer, Johann Armand, Paul de Surmont, tenors; Wilhelm Groschel from Zurich, lyrical tenor; Franz Wilhelm, baritone; Joseph Chandon (Stuttgart), Jean Bert, basses

Grand chorus and orchestra

Opening of the German opera on 1/2/67 with Gounod: Faust

1/4/67 Mozart: Don Juan

1/5/67 Flotow: Stradella

Box: $10

Orchestra and reserved seats in the 1st balcony: $1.50

Parquet and 1st balcony: $1

2nd balcony: $.50 cents