Ark Lodge, No. 28, I. O. O. F Concert and Dance: 27th

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5 November 2015

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

18 Jan 1867, Evening

Program Details

"Brethren of our friendly Order" was sung by all attendees.

"Rocked in the cradle of the deep" was performed as an encore.

The program also included speeches and dance music.

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Holy friar; Friar of olden time
Composer(s): Russell
Participants:  Mr. [bass] Stanton
Composer(s): Knight
Text Author: Willard
Participants:  Mr. [bass] Stanton
aka Hail fairy queen
Text Author: Hemans


Review: New-York Times, 19 January 1867, 8.

“A very pleasant gathering of the members and friends of Ark Lodge, No. 28, I. O. O. F., were present last evening at Walhalla Hall, upon the occasion of the twenty-seventh anniversary of the Lodge. The exercises of the evening were commenced with the singing of an ode, beginning

                                    ‘Brethren of our friendly order.’

            Then followed a choice selection of vocal music, which was exquisitely rendered by a quartette, consisting of Mrs. Willett, Miss Westcott, Mr. Stanton and Mr. Drury, under the direction of Mr. Josiah N. King, who presided at the piano, with his proverbial good taste and unexceptional rendering. A solo, ‘Holy Friar,’ by Mr. Stanton, was so well sung as to call forth an encore from the audience, when he favored them with ‘Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep,’ in his happiest style. Mr. Stanton then sang a duet with Mrs. Willett, entitled ‘Musical ABC,’ which was well received. Two quartettes, ‘Hail Fairy Queen,’ and Ha! Ha1 We’ve Stemmed the Stream,’ were sung exceedingly well, and to the evident satisfaction of the audience, who applauded heartily. Mr. P. H. Brown, a member of Ark Lodge, recited a serio-comic poem, written by himself, entitled ‘The Six Old Bachelors,’ which was greeted with prolonged and hearty applause. Speeches were then made by Hon Theo. E. Tomlinson and Hon. R. F. Andrews, after which the company entered upon the enjoyment of the dance, which was kept up until a late hour. The occasion, on the whole, was a very pleasing one, and not soon to be forgotten by the members and friends of Ark Lodge who were fortunate enough to be present.”