National Conservatory of Music Concert: 4th

Event Information

National Conservatory of Music

Manager / Director:
E. G. Locke

Record Information


Last Updated:
6 November 2015

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

18 Jan 1867, 7:30 PM

Program Details

Mr. Locke, business manager.


Advertisement: New-York Times, 18 January 1867.
Review: New York Herald, 19 January 1867, 4.

“The fourth soirée of the Conservatory, on Madison avenue, which came off last evening, fully proved the fact that the institution under its present directors, with Mr. Locke as a business manager, is a success. The programme on the occasion, which consisted of choice selections of very difficult and pleasing music, was performed in a manner remarkably good for non-professionals, and in a style that reflected the highest credit on the teachers of the Conservatory.  Many of the pupils gave promise of a future excellence in music that may not be acquired by many of our leading professionals.”