Tony Pastor's Opera House

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Tony Pastor's Opera House

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25 November 2015

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21 Jan 1867, Evening
22 Jan 1867, Evening
23 Jan 1867, Evening
23 Jan 1867, 2:30 PM
24 Jan 1867, Evening
25 Jan 1867, Evening
26 Jan 1867, Evening
26 Jan 1867, 2:30 PM

Program Details

Countries depicted include Germany, England, America, Ireland, France, and Scotland.

Scenes include:
“Ocean yacht race”
“The Henrietta, Vesta, and Fleetwing Donnybrook Fair”
“Streets of London”
“Naval battle, Kearsarge and Alabama”
“Birth of the Stars and Stripes"
“Swell of Pall Mall” (Pastor as The London Swell and Thompson as Poor Jack)

Performers and/or Works Performed


Advertisement: New-York Times, 19 January 1867.

Advertises the piano music for “Ocean Yacht Race.”  “Grand march for piano by Konrad Treueg…. Price 50 cents. Sent by mail free.”

Advertisement: New York Herald, 21 January 1867.
Review: New York Herald, 24 January 1867, 5.

“The manager of this popular place of resort is continually offering to the public new inducements in the way of startling attractions and local dramas, and, not content with the success he has already achieved, he now presents to his patrons ‘A Tour Around the World,’ with the cast of characters embracing the entire strength of the company, including a panorama covering 500 feet of canvas. The recent ocean yacht race is represented with splendid mechanical effect, and a terrific naval combat between a miniature Alabama and Kearsarge as given with real fire, smoke and powder. Messrs. Barry O’Neil and G.W. Thompson are still favorites at this establishment.”

Announcement: New York Clipper, 26 January 1867, 334.

“‘A Tour around the World’ is to be made every evening this week by the company attached to Tony Pastor’s Opera House, that being the title of a panorama which will be introduced to the patrons of this establishment. During the action of the panorama the company will appear, illustrating men and manners of the various countriesd, with songs, choruses, dances, etc.”

Review: New York Herald, 27 January 1867, 5.

“The main attraction at this house during the past week has been the unique, dramatic and panoramic entertainment entitled ‘A Tour Around the World,’ in which the entire dramatic company takes part, and which is made the pleasant medium of conveying to the audience and idea of the best qualities of all nations. The tourist, after witnessing the exciting scene of the start of the Henrietta, Vesta and Fleetwing on the ocean race (which is very neatly performed by practical models) is supposed to reach Liverpool in time to enjoy the surprise created there by this triumph of Yankee sailors and ship builders. The allusions to national triumph thus won are received nightly with rounds of patriotic applause. The house of last evening was, as usual, very large, and the applause was proportionately liberal, in proof of the fact that the public will always appreciate managerial enterprise such as is thus shown in seizing and giving dramatic and artistic expression to great national or local events.”