Wood's Minstrels

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Wood's Minstrel Hall

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Henry [Wood's Minstrels] Wood

Price: $.25

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2 May 2012

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

22 Dec 1862, 7:30 PM
23 Dec 1862, 7:30 PM
24 Dec 1862, 7:30 PM
25 Dec 1862, 2:30 PM
25 Dec 1862, 7:30 PM
26 Dec 1862, 7:30 PM
27 Dec 1862, 7:30 PM

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With Christmas matinee

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Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Dinah – (Dinorah), The Pardon Pell Mell
Text Author: Wood
Participants:  Charley (Wood's) Fox (role: Signor Charles Brignoli Fox (Coventino)) (banjo);  Frank Brower (role: Signor Frank Brignoli Brower);  Cool [Wood's] White (role: Signor Cool Amodio White (Hoel));  M. (Wood's) Lewis (role: Signorina Cordier Lewis (Dinorah))
aka Dinah – (Dinorah), The Pardon Pell Mell
Text Author: Wood
Participants:  Frank Brower (role: Signor Frank Brignoli Brower)
aka Dar’s de money
aka Ghost of happy Uncle Tom, The


Advertisement: New York Herald, 21 December 1862, 7.
Announcement: New York Herald, 22 December 1862.
“[A] burlesque upon Meyerbeer’s ‘Dinorah’ will be produced this evening. The whole affair promises to be unusually harmonious and attractive, the cast being a strong one, including the goat.”
Advertisement: New York Herald, 22 December 1862, 7.
Ad simulates an opera ad for Dinorah.
Review: New York Herald, 23 December 1862, 5.

           “A travestie of ‘Dinorah’ was produced at Wood’s beautiful minstrel hall last evening, before a very full house.  The plot of the opera is faithfully followed throughout, and Cordier, Morensi, Brignoli, Amodio, Susini and the goat are burlesqued very laughably, and yet delicately. The gems of ‘Dinorah’ – such as the symphonic overture, the ‘Shadow Aria,’ the ‘Terzetto of the Beli,’ the ‘Reaper’s Song’ and the ‘Vianella of the Goatherds’ – are preserved in a very modified form, and no one who has heard the opera should neglect to see the travestie.  Mr. Henry Wood is responsible for the authorship of the affair, which is a credit to his enterprise, and should make Grau return to New York and look to his laurels.  All the actors did capitally and kept the audience in continued laughter.”

Announcement: New York Herald, 25 December 1862, 5.
“Wood’s Minstrels give two performances to-day, with the new, funny and successful travestie of ‘Dinorah’ as the specialty.”
Advertisement: New York Herald, 27 December 1862, 7.
Review: New York Herald, 29 December 1862, 5.
“[C]rowded every evening, the burlesque of ‘Dinorah’ proving a great attraction.”