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Liederkranz Hall

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8 December 2015

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26 Jan 1867

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Article: New-Yorker Musik-Zeitung, 26 January 1867, 393.

“The New York Liederkranz held a General Meeting at the Liederkranz Hall 4th Street last Tuesday. The report says the following:

The union is twenty years old and consists of 832 regular or active members, 44 non-performing members and 16 honorary members. Last year, 5 musical soirees took place. A significant number of members participated in the Sängerfests in Providence and Louisville. Entertainment events were offered such as the masked ball at the Academy of Music, five social gatherings [“Kränzchen”] and two summer night’s festivals. Fifteen ladies participated in the singing instruction offered by conductor Paur every Friday night at the union club house. A significant amount was paid off for the union’s loan for the club house, including several IOU’s held by members. Due to the new Sunday–and Liscensing regulations, the union restaurant had to be changed into a closed clubhouse. The change was rather disadvantageous for the union; however, the members were compensated by the discount for beverages. Following is the financial statement of the union for the year 1866:


Membership Fees                                                      $8,542.00

Admissions                                                                 2,735.00

Surplus for Amusements                                            6,649.56

                                                                                    ----------     $17,926.56


10 % deduction for musical inventory                        $209.12

Stationary                                                                        48.25

Sängerfeste, Salaire                                                      4,943.34

Entertainment for Ladies                                              179.13

Entertainment for Sirs                                                   393.90

Orchestra Union                                                             92.00

                                                                                    ----------          $5,865.74


                                                            Net-Income                          $12,060.82

It was decided that the introduction of non-members should cease at this time. An increase of the dues to $18 per year was suggested and postponed to the next meeting. On Steinways’ suggestion it was decided to book the Academy of Music for a Masked Ball on March, 21st.

Election of officials for the coming year:

President:                    W. Steinway

1st Vice Pres.:              F. Steins

2nd Vice Pres.:             L. Kämmerer

1st Secretary:               H.C.F. Koch

2nd Secretary:              F. Poggenburg

Financial  Secretary:  W. Marwedel

Archives:                     Edel and Munch

Conductor:                  A. Paur”