Black Crook

Event Information

Niblo's Garden

Manager / Director:
William Wheatley

Price: $1 regular and $.50 family circle for matinee

Event Type:
Play With Music

Record Information


Last Updated:
7 January 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

07 Oct 1867, Evening
08 Oct 1867, Evening
09 Oct 1867, Evening
10 Oct 1867, Evening
11 Oct 1867, Evening
12 Oct 1867, Evening
12 Oct 1867, 1:00 PM

Performers and/or Works Performed


Advertisement: New York Herald, 07 October 1867.
Announcement: New York Herald, 07 October 1867, 4.
Advertisement: New-York Times, 07 October 1867, 7.
Review: New York Herald, 10 October 1867, 3.

“The grand ballet of the Black Crook still draws crowded houses. The idea of introducing this spectacular drama into the United States was a happy one and indicates good judgment of human nature. All the religious people go to see it on account of the transformation scene; all the rest of our population help crowd the house on account of the gentle and voluptuous influence it casts over its scenes . . .”

Review: New York Clipper, 12 October 1867, 214.

“The ‘Black Crook’ in Court again—Samuel Hofheimer, a florist on Broadway, made a complaint in the Tombs Police Court on the 3d inst. against three young bucks of this city who lead a fast life, whom he charges with having, since the first of June, purchased from him $192 worth of bouquets which they have not paid for. The young sports represented themselves as having ‘rich parents’ who could liquidate the amount. The florist charges them with fraudulent intentions, and that their representations regarding wealth and business connections were all false. These bouquets were thrown upon the stage at Niblo’s to the ‘Black Crookites.”