French Theatre

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French Theatre

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Opera, Play With Music

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26 September 2016

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23 Nov 1867, Evening

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka La pluie et le beau temps
Text Author: Gozlan
aka Rose de Saint Flour; Rose de St. Flour; Rose de St. Fleur; Rose et St. Fleur
Composer(s): Offenbach
Text Author: Carré


Advertisement: New-York Times, 18 November 1867.
Announcement: New York Post, 22 November 1867.
Advertisement: New York Herald, 23 November 1867.
Review: New York Herald, 24 November 1867, 3.

“Three pieces at the French Theatre last night made a bill worthy almost of a Bowery benefit, where they generally give two or three of Shakspeare’s [sic] tragedies and wind up at one in the morning with a farce. Mr. Bateman’s Company without going to this formidable extent, furnished enough variety to please the most fastidious in ‘La Pluie et le Beau Temps,’(la pluie decidedly predominating, so far as the weather was concerned,) ‘Le Supplice d’une Femme,’ and ‘La Rose de St. Flour.’ The second of these is the comedy about which Sardou, the writer, and Dumas had a prolonged quarrel, respecting the miseries and misfortunes of a young lady far too good for this world, sacrificing on the altar of conventionality and matrimony. It is popular in Paris, and, thanks to Mlle. Deborah’s charming representation of the heroine, passes well in New York. Offenbach’s sprightly ‘Rose of St. Flour’ is always welcome, and brought the evening to a pleasant close.”