Orpheon Society Concert

Event Information

Apollo Hall

Performance Forces:
Instrumental, Vocal

Record Information


Last Updated:
16 February 2019

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

06 Feb 1869, Evening

Program Details

Benefit for the Orpheon Society. The selection from Crispino was a duet for piano and cornet.

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka grand selection
Composer(s): Meyerbeer
Composer(s): Wallace
Text Author: Fitzball
Composer(s): Perring
Text Author: Longfellow
Composer(s): Perring
Participants:  James Ernest Perring
Composer(s): Knight
Text Author: Willard
aka Little mendicant; Little beggar
Composer(s): Gumbert
Composer(s): Hopkins
Participants:  Charles Jerome Hopkins
Composer(s): Hopkins
Participants:  Charles Jerome Hopkins
Composer(s): Ricci, Ricci


Review: New York Herald, 07 February 1869, 7.

“Mr. Jerome Hopkins gave a concert last evening at the Apollo Hall, in aid of the Orpheon Society’s Free Choral School.  The programme was exceedingly attractive, the attendance good, and it is to be hoped the results will prove satisfactory.  Mr. Jewett’s song ‘A Father’s Love,’ was loudly applauded, and the manner in which Miss Rokohl performed the soprano solo from ‘Robert le Diable’ was highly creditable.  Mr. Hopkins executed a piano solo, ‘Bolero,’ in his most brilliant manner, and was followed by Mr. Perring, who sung ‘Beware, She is Fooling Thee.’  Dr. Meigs recited ‘Shamus O’Brien’ and ‘The Polish Boy.’”

Review: New York Sun, 09 February 1869, 1.

“Mr. Hopkins gave his fifth concert last Saturday evening for the Orpheon Free Choir-Boy School Fund.  If numbers and enthusiasm are the criterions of success, then success was his, for the occasion was distinguished by both.  Apollo Hall was filled to repletion by a brilliant audience, notwithstanding the counter-attractions elsewhere, and especially at the Philharmonic concert, which occurred in the same evening.  Mr. Hopkins played his new ‘Bolero,’ and also his ‘Barcarolle.’  Both received the honor of an encore.  Miss Rokohl, a new soprano, was also similarly complimented after her first song.”