Forty thieves

Event Information

Niblo's Garden

Proprietor / Lessee:
Henry C. Jarrett
Henry Palmer

Manager / Director:
Henry C. Jarrett
Henry Palmer

Event Type:
Play With Music

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Last Updated:
15 February 2019

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

08 Mar 1869, 8:00 PM
09 Mar 1869, 8:00 PM
10 Mar 1869, 8:00 PM
11 Mar 1869, 8:00 PM
12 Mar 1869, 8:00 PM
13 Mar 1869, 2:00 PM
13 Mar 1869, 8:00 PM

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Ali Baba; Phorty thieves
Text Author: Sheridan, Colman Jr.


Advertisement: New-York Times, 08 March 1869, 7.
Announcement: New-York Daily Tribune, 08 March 1869, 5.

“Miss Pauline Markham, the beauty of the Lydia Thompson Troupe, ahs recovered from the illness whereby she was lately afflicted, and will, this evening, reappear at Niblo’s Garden in the spectacle of ‘The Forty Thieves.’ The statement that Miss Markham’s vision had been impaired is now authoritatively contradicted.”

Review: New-York Times, 09 March 1869, 4.

Brief; no mention of music.

Review: New York Sun, 11 March 1869.

“[Markham] is of the very highest school of English beauty, the face being soft and winning, and the fair forehead surmounted by a golden harvest of hair, rising in sheafs of broken sunlight. Her limbs might have been fashioned by Phidius himself. She possesses the advantage, too, of having a rich and powerful voice, and being trained in the very best method. Her return will impart a fresh spring to the run of the ‘Forty Thieves’ at Niblo’s.”

Announcement: New York Herald, 12 March 1869, 6.

“It is whispered on the east side of town that ‘Tony,’ the popular Pastor of the opera house in the Bowery, has succeeded in capturing a bevy of six genuine blondes, each one of whom boasts of an abundant head of beautiful auburn hair. It is expected when they appear—which will be shortly—that the whole town will be fairly captivated and dazzled. We shall see.

Blondes hold possession of the boards at Niblo’s, Wood’s, Theatre Comique and the Waverley. Bryants and the San Francisco Minstrels have also introduced the light-haired beauties to their patrons, but with black faces. How cruel of Bryant, Birch, Bernard and Backus thus to burlesque the beautiful, blushing, British burlesquers.”