Tony Pastor’s Opera House

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Tony Pastor's Opera House

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Variety / Vaudeville

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Last Updated:
12 October 2019

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

07 Jun 1868, Evening
08 Jun 1869, Evening
09 Jun 1869, Evening
10 Jun 1869, Evening
11 Jun 1869, Evening
12 Jun 1869, Evening

Program Details

On Tuesday (06/08/69) evening, as per the New York Herald, “friends of Cuba and Cuban liberty will assemble en mass at Tony Pastor’s Opera House, 201 Bowery, to witness the life picture of THE REVOLUTION IN CUBA.”

Performers and/or Works Performed


Announcement: New York Herald, 07 June 1869, 7.

“Tony Pastor has taken up the cause of the Cuban patriots, and this week presents his constituents with a view of affairs in the ‘ever faithful isle’ through the medium of a new drama entitled ‘The Revolution in Cuba.’”

Advertisement: New York Herald, 07 June 1869, 12.

Multiple ads on one page. One for the week’s performances; five inviting “friends of Cuba and Cuban liberty” to attend on 06/08/69. One reads: “Do we love Spain less or liberty more? Will be demonstrated by the citizens of New York at Tony Pastor’s Opera House.”

Advertisement: New York Herald, 08 June 1869, 12.

For “mass meeting” in support of the Cuban Revolution.

Advertisement: New York Clipper, 12 June 1869, 79.