YMCA Holiday Concert: 2nd

Event Information

Young Men’s Christian Association Hall

Price: $.50

Performance Forces:

Record Information


Last Updated:
4 July 2020

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

29 Dec 1869, 3:00 PM

Program Details

The second of two “holiday concerts” given at the YMCA in December 1869. Kellogg offered “Beware” as an encore.

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Unknown composer
Participants:  Clara Louise Kellogg
aka introduction
Composer(s): Bellini
Participants:  William Berge
Composer(s): Wehli
Participants:  Henrietta Markstein
Composer(s): Fairlamb
Participants:  William J. [tenor] Hill


Announcement: New-York Times, 19 December 1869, 4.

“Two holiday concerts, we observe, are to be given on Wednesday, Dec. 22, and on Wednesday, Dec. 29, instead of the succeeding Saturdays. [This is a reference to the YMCA Popular Concert Series, which took place on Saturdays.] Miss Kellogg and other eminent artists are engaged for these reunions.”

Advertisement: New York Herald, 20 December 1869, 2.

Advertises a slightly different performer list than what is confirmed by the reviews: Clara Louise Kellogg, S. P. Warren, William Berge, William J. Hill, Harry Sanderson, E. Perring.

Advertisement: New-York Daily Tribune, 20 December 1869, 3.
Advertisement: New-York Times, 24 December 1869, 7.
Advertisement: New York Herald, 28 December 1869, 2.

“Owing to the great popularity of these concerts the doors will be opened at 2 o’clock.” Advertises correct performer list that is consistent with the reviews.

Announcement: New York Post, 28 December 1869, 4.

Brief. Additional brief announcement on p. 2.

Review: New-York Times, 30 December 1869, 5.

“Long before 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, every seat and almost every standing place was occupied by the large audience present at the last of the two holiday concerts given by this Association. The popularity of these concerts cannot be questioned, but it is far from being solely due to ‘popular prices.’ The managers though, it should be said, are conscientious in their endeavors to secure good artists and a pleasing programme. Miss Kellogg, Miss Markstein, Mr. Berge and Mr. Hill were the interpreters of the programme yesterday afternoon, and the time was certainly very pleasantly spent, thanks to their efforts. Miss Kellogg’s rendering of ‘Pipele,’ and her singing of ‘Beware’ in response to an encore, delighted the audience, while Mr. Berge with the overture to ‘Norma’ on the organ, Miss Markstein with Wehli’s grand qaise [sic] for the piano, and Mr. Hill with the romanza ‘Ah, simple maiden,’ won well-merited applause and recognition. Any attempt to make good music popular and to bring it within easy reach of all classics deserves to succeed. We are therefore very glad to chronicle the most satisfactory results which attended yesterday’s reunion.”

Review: New-York Daily Tribune, 30 December 1869, 5.

“The second ‘Holiday’ concert in the new hall of the Young Men’s Christian Association was attended by an audience which filled every seat in the house. The performers were Miss Kellogg, Miss Markstein, and Messrs. Berge and Hill. Mr. Berge in some extemporaneous efforts brought out with fine effect the [illeg.] powers of the organ, [illeg.] some remarkable orchestral effects. Miss Kellogg had [illeg.] solos, and was thrice encored.”