Brignoli Italian Opera: Il trovatore

Event Information

Academy of Music

Manager / Director:
L. Albites

Paolo Giorza

Price: $1.50 reserved; $1

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Record Information


Last Updated:
25 June 2022

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

21 May 1870, 1:00 PM

Performers and/or Works Performed


Advertisement: New York Herald, 16 May 1870, 12.

Advertises Verdi’s Un ballo in maschera. Unclear why or when the program changed.

Advertisement: New York Herald, 18 May 1870, 9.

Advertises Verdi’s Il Trovatore.

Review: New-York Times, 22 May 1870, 4.

“The operatic entertainments given at the Academy of Music have been the important event of the week just closed. Though the season was well advanced they received liberal encouragement, and, save on one occasion, merited it. The representations have all been written of with sufficient detail to make a review of them superfluous, but it may be mentioned, by way of record, that the most satisfying and the most successful of all was that of ‘Il Trovatore,’ which was repeated yesterday in presence of a very brilliant audience. In respect of the singing the principal artists, the afternoon performance was superior to that of the opening night, and had it not been for several mishaps of the chorus, it would have been most excellent. The resumption of the anvil ensemble, however, marked the occurrence of the most conspicuous of these mishaps, and a more persistent effort to bring the voices and the instruments into discord than followed the resumption in question, it has rarely been our ill-fortune to remark. It is believed and hoped that more careful rehearsals this week will prevent similar accidents.”

Review: New York Clipper, 28 May 1870, 62.

“At the matinée on Saturday, the 21st, ‘Il Trovatore’ was performed to a crowded house, and in which Miss Kellog [sic], Gazzaniga and Brignoli sang and acted their several parts most excellently. The orchestra performances were good each evening.”