Gottschalk Benefit Concert for L. F. Harrison

Event Information

Irving Hall

Price: $.50; $1 reserved

Event Type:
Chamber (includes Solo)

Performance Forces:
Instrumental, Vocal

Record Information


Last Updated:
15 November 2013

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

16 May 1863, 12:00 PM
16 May 1863, 7:30 PM

Program Details

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Gottschalk
Participants:  Louis Moreau Gottschalk
aka Follow Me!; Vamos a la azotea;
Composer(s): Gottschalk
Participants:  Louis Moreau Gottschalk
aka Marlbrook; Burlesque on Marlborough
Composer(s): Gottschalk
Participants:  Louis Moreau Gottschalk
aka Cradle Song
Composer(s): Gottschalk
Participants:  Louis Moreau Gottschalk
aka Caprice espagnol
Composer(s): Gottschalk
Participants:  Louis Moreau Gottschalk
aka Charme du foyer
Composer(s): Gottschalk
Participants:  Louis Moreau Gottschalk


Announcement: New York Post, 03 May 1863, 2.
“[I]n what may truthfully, if not elegantly, be called a monster entertainment.”
Advertisement: New York Herald, 10 May 1863, 7.

Announcement: New-York Times, 11 May 1863, 4.
“[T]here will be two performance, one in the morning at 12 o’clock, the other in the evening at 7 ½.”
Advertisement: New-York Times, 11 May 1863, 7.
Performers, prices, times.
Announcement: New York Herald, 11 May 1863, 4.

Announcement: New York Herald, 15 May 1863, 1.
“There will be a performance in the morning and also in the evening.”
Announcement: New York Post, 15 May 1863, 2.

Announcement: Dwight's Journal of Music, 16 May 1863, 31.

Announcement: New-York Times, 16 May 1863, 4.

Advertisement: New-York Times, 16 May 1863, 7.

Announcement: New York Herald, 16 May 1863, 7.

Advertisement: New York Herald, 16 May 1863, 9.

Announcement: Courrier des États-Unis, 16 May 1863.

Review: New-York Daily Tribune, 18 May 1863, 5.

“—Mr. Gottschalk has commenced some concerts. Two brilliant ones—for the benefit of the excellent manager of Irving Hall, Mr. Harrsion—were advertised last week, and several others are to come on this week, at towns and places near here. See advertisement.

            There was at the concerts of Mr. Gottschalk a quartette for four pianos—the March of Tannhauser—by Messrs. Gottschalk, Sanderson, Krolikowski [sic], and Mlle. Baretché [sic]—a resonant novelty, much applauded. There were many encores. Mme. D’Angri, an especial favorite at these concerts, was among the musical notabilities. These entertainments were well attended, notwithstanding they were both of the same date. They were deserved by Mr. Harrsion.”

Review: New York Herald, 18 May 1863, 4.
“The grand anniversary Gottschalk concerts began on Saturday at Irving Hall with a complimentary benefit to Mr. L.F. Harrison.  We take pleasure in stating that both the matinee and the evening concert were very successful.  We have not space to enter late the details of the performance, which was really admirable.  Mr. Gottschalk played as only he can play.  To praise his performance would be useless—it was above praise.  He was admirably aided by Misses Barnetche and Krolikowska, and Mr. Harry Sanderson, all pianists of rare merit.  Madame D’Angri sang in her usual most affective style.  Mr. Theodore Thomas gave in a masterly manner some admirable morceaux upon the violin, and Messrs. Castle and Campbell sang some ballads, grand arias and duets.  Mr. Campbell we wish specially to mention as a rising artist, possessing a most sympathetic and powerful baritone voice, which cultivation will render immensely attractive.  This gentleman certainly has a most brilliant artistic career before him. The great attraction of the evening concert was the grand march from ‘Tannhauser,’ arranged for four pianos, by Mr. Gottschalk, and admirably performed.”
Review: New York Post, 18 May 1863, 2.

“The Complimentary Concert given to Mr. Harrison, the proprietor of Irving Hall, took place at that room on Saturday afternoon and evening; the audience at the former being comfortably large, and at the latter fully testing the capacity of the hall. The programmes were excellent, and the artists in unusual force. Gottschalk, Sanderson and Thomas, Miss Krolikowska and Miss Barnetche, were the instrumental performers; and Madame D’Angri, Mrs. Jennie Kempton, Mr. Campbell and Mr. Castle the vocalists. The piano-forte duets and quartette, the latter being the march from Tannhauser, were especially successful.”

Review: Dwight's Journal of Music, 30 May 1863, 36.
“Gottschalk has been reveling in all his brilliancy and fascination, and, with Sanderson, Miss Krowlikowska, Mlle. Barnetche, Mr. Castle, Campbell and the Bretto children, has been giving concerts and matinées without number.” Signed TWM.