Concert of the Ladies’ Aid Society of the Hahnemann Hospital

Event Information

Steinway Hall

Antonio [conductor] Basil

Price: $2; $.50 extra for reserved seat

Record Information


Last Updated:
24 August 2023

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

25 Mar 1871, Evening

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Abt
Participants:  Clara Louise Kellogg
Composer(s): Mattei
Participants:  Charlotte Varian
aka Laughing song; Eclat de rire
Composer(s): Auber
Participants:  Charlotte Varian
aka Liebestraume
Composer(s): Dachauer-Gaspard


Advertisement: New-York Times, 24 March 1871, 7.
Review: New-York Times, 26 March 1871, 5.

“We hope that the funds of the Hahnemann Hospital will be more materially increased by last night’s entertainment than the numbers of the audience indicated. The house was only one-third full. This result of a promising programme was rather unlooked for, and it would not have been astonishing had it dampened somewhat the ardor of the performers. Miss Kellogg, Mrs. Varian-Hoffman, Miss Antoinette Sterling, Miss Eliza Mooney, Signor Ronconi, Mr. W. J. Hill, Mr. Randolfi, Mr. Milland and Mr. Buitrago were the artists. Signor Barili was most of the time at the piano, but Mr. Dachauer accompanied Mr. Randolfi, and Mr. George W. Colby accompanied Miss Kellogg and Signor Ronconi ‘at their own request.’ Miss Kellogg is not yet wholly re-established in health, but her vocal condition was bettered last evening, and her single solo, of which Abt’s ‘In’s Herz Mir Hin’ was the subject, was redemanded. Mme. Varian Hofman’s brilliant executive power was conspicuous in rendering a waltz by Mattei, and Auber’s ‘Laughing Song.’ Miss Sterling’s singing unites sentiment with skill, and ought to be more frequently enjoyed. Signor Randolfi was recalled after his delivery of ‘Love Dreams’ by Dachauer, and was obliged to repeat that graceful and scholarly but rather vague composition to which he himself has supplied the German words. A violoncello accompaniment was done by Mr. Werner. Miss Mooney is a débutante, whose contralto voice and good style are promising. There is no occasion to write of the other performances. The absentees missed a pleasant performance.”

Review: New-York Daily Tribune, 27 March 1871, 8.

“The concert at Steinway Hall on Saturday evening for the benefit of the Hahnemann Hospital was not well attended. The programme was attractive, but the price of tickets was extravagant. Miss Kellogg, Miss Sterling, Miss Eliza Mooney (a new and promising if not very thoroughly cultivated contralto), Madame Varian Hoffman, Mr. Hill, Mr. Millard, Signor Ronconi, Mr. Randolfi, Señor Buitrago, and Signor Barili performed to the evident satisfaction of the homeopathic audience, almost everybody being recalled, and many of the pieces encored. Miss Kellogg has recently been unwell, but sickness has not impaired the clearness, purity, and sweetness of her voice.”