Maretzek Italian Opera: Robert le Diable

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Academy of Music

Manager / Director:
Max Maretzek

Max Maretzek

Ballet Director / Choreographer:
Mr. Ronzani

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Last Updated:
29 August 2018

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

04 Apr 1864, Evening

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Robert the devil; Robert der Teufel
Composer(s): Meyerbeer
Text Author: Scribe, Delavigne
Participants:  Corps de ballet, unidentified;  Maretzek Italian Opera Company;  Guglielmo Lotti (role: Raimbaut);  Pasquale Brignoli (role: Robert);  Giuseppina Medori (role: Alice);  Joseph Hermanns (role: Bertram);  Lisa Harris (role: Isabella);  Mlle. Ernestine (role: Helene)


Advertisement: New York Herald, 04 April 1864.

Announcement: New York Post, 04 April 1864, 2.

Announcement: New-York Times, 04 April 1864.

Advertisement: New-York Times, 04 April 1864, 7.

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Announcement: New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung und Herold, 04 April 1864, 8.

“We expect the formerly criticized shortcomings of this opera to be mostly corrected, and even if they are not, it is worth attending just for the performance of Mr. Hermanns as ‘Bertram’.”

Review: New York Post, 05 April 1864, 2.
“The second representation of ‘Roberto’ at the Academy last evening, attracted a good audience, which listened attentively to the master-piece of the great Berlin composer.  The leading parts were well sustained by the accomplished artists of this company, now so well known and appreciated by the public.  The applause was enthusiastic and given with judgment and each performer was fairly dealt with in this respect.”
Review: New-York Times, 05 April 1864, 4.
“‘Robert le Diable’ was given last night to a very good house considering the attractions of the Sanitary Fair, which probably had more effect on the audience here than at any other house.  The performance was excellent, and passed off to the entire satisfaction of the house.”
Review: Dwight's Journal of Music, 16 April 1864, 221.

Brief mention, with no exact date given.  “The Italian Opera (Maretzek’s) keeps on in its usual course—Faust and Ione, relieved occasionally by some of the old stock pieces.  Robert le Diable has been given several times of late, with Medori as Alice, Miss Harris as the Princess, Brignoli as Robert, and Herr Hermanns as Bertram.