Bel demonio

Event Information

Niblo's Garden

Proprietor / Lessee:
William Wheatley

Manager / Director:
William Wheatley
L. J. [Niblo's Garden] Vincent

Harvey Bradley Dodworth

Event Type:
Play With Music

Record Information


Last Updated:
5 August 2011

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

30 May 1864, 7:45 PM
31 May 1864, 7:45 PM
01 Jun 1864, 7:45 PM
02 Jun 1864, 7:45 PM
03 Jun 1864, 7:45 PM
04 Jun 1864, 7:45 PM

Program Details

William Wheatley, leasee and manager
L. J. Vincent, stage manager, producer and director. Grand Ballet of Sixteen Selected Choryphers.

John Brougham: Bel demonio (original music by E. Montgomery)
Ronzani: “Grand tarantella, The” (Katarina, Ella, Kruga and Rosina)
S. R. Fiske (lyrics): “You are the star” (Vestvali)
“Brave Marco” (Vestvali)
“Tableaux, unidentified”

Performers and/or Works Performed

Text Author: Brougham
Participants:  Niblo's Garden, corps de ballet;  Mlle. [dancer] Kruger;  Rose Eytinge (role: Lena);  Mary Wells (role: Countess Campireali);  Mrs. [actor] Moore (role: Margarita);  James W. Collier (role: Fabio Campireali, his son);  Mary [actress] Everett (role: Sister Agatha);  James F. Hagan (role: Cardinal Montalto);  Rosina Vokes;  Felicita Vestvali (role: Angelo);  James G. Burnett (role: Ranncolo);  Mlle. Katrina;  Mr. [actor] Haupt (role: Martes);  Emma Skerrett (role: Abbess of De Castro);  Mr. [actor] Welsh (role: Bruno);  J. W. Blaisdell (role: Tomaso);  E. B. [actor] Holmes (role: Giotto);  Mlle. [dancer] Ella;  E. Berry [actor] Rendle (role: Luigi);  John J. Nunan (role: Count Campireali);  Mr. [actor] Murray (role: Marti);  Mr. [actor] Styles (role: Captain of the Guard)
Text Author: Fiske
Participants:  Felicita Vestvali
Composer(s): Unidentified


Advertisement: New York Herald, 30 May 1864.
“THIRTEENTH NIGHT of the celebrated lyric artiste MLLE. VESTVALI. . . . COMPLETE GRAND BALLET, Original Music under the direction of Harvey B. Dodworth.  GRAND TABLEAUX. . . . THE ILLUMINATED GARDEN OPEN EVERY EVENING.”
Announcement: New York Post, 30 May 1864.

Advertisement: New-York Times, 30 May 1864, 7.

Review: New York Herald, 03 June 1864, 4.
“Bel Demonio has proved the success we predicted.  Crowded houses applaud the magnificent scenery and Vestvali’s superb singing.”
Announcement: New York Clipper, 04 June 1864, 62.

Advertisement: New York Clipper, 04 June 1864, 63.

Review: New York Clipper, 11 June 1864, 70.
“Vestvali looks right loveable in her tight-fitting trowsers [sic] and short fashionable coat which she wears in the new drama of ‘Bel Demonio,’ and we think the stage doorkeeper would do well to keep his eyes about him and see that the Brooklyn Academy scene is not re-enacted at Niblo’s. We don’t believe the parties who looked upon Vestvali as a bully boy at the Academy will undertake to play the same role over here, for they kinder got taken down; but there may be others fascinated by her grand face and splendid form. So keep out all intruders, good Mr. Back-doorkeeper [sic]. The new drama thrives, and will help to worry the summer through, but it is a question whether Mr. Brougham has gained or lost caste by his latest dramatic effort. Without Manager Wheatley’s aid in the way of scenery, auxiliaries, ballet and supes, [sic] ‘Bel Demonio’ would have had a rather weak reception.  As presented at this model theatre, it takes remarkably well.”