Christy's Minstrels

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Christy’s Minstrel Hall

Price: $.25; $3 & $4 private boxes; .15 children to Matinee

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17 August 2010

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

29 Sep 1862, 7:45 PM
30 Sep 1862, 7:45 PM
01 Oct 1862, 7:45 PM
02 Oct 1862, 7:45 PM
03 Oct 1862, 7:45 PM
04 Oct 1862, 3:00 PM
04 Oct 1862, 7:45 PM

Program Details

Commodore Porter was only on Friday. October 3rd.

Performers and/or Works Performed

Text Author: Bleecker
Participants:  George N. Christy (role: Jocko)


Advertisement: New York Herald, 28 September 1862, 7.
“The House Has Been Entirely Redecorated.” There will be a “Brilliant Illumination during the evening almost equal to A Grand Display of Fireworks.”
Announcement: New York Herald, 29 September 1862, 5.
“Christy announces the opening of the fall campaign in an advertisement characteristically humorous. This ‘distinguished exponent of cork opera,’ as he styles himself, has the faculty of tickling our public, and will always command success wherever he chooses to export himself.”
Advertisement: New York Herald, 29 September 1862, 7.
Announcement: New-York Times, 29 September 1862.
“Christy appears this week in his famous part of ‘The Mischievous Monkey.’ He embodies the characteristics of the animal with fidelity and vigor, displaying an immense deal of humor, and, in the closing scene, a touch of the most natural pathos. Besides the burletta, there are singing, dancing and the most excruciating of Ethiopian eccentricities.”
Advertisement: New-York Times, 29 September 1862, 7.
Review: New York Clipper, 11 October 1862, 207.
“Big thing for the ‘Corkonians.’ Commodore Porter visited George Christy’s Minstrels on Friday evening, October 3d, and drew a large audience. Now, if George can keep up a run of such stars, he will find a visible improvement in his business.” Porter was a Commodore in the Union Navy.