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Residence of George Templeton Strong

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2 August 2011

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31 May 1864, Evening

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: Kellogg, Gertrude. New-York Historical Society. The Diaries of Gertrude Kellogg, transcribed by Katherine K. Preston, amplified by Christopher Bruhn., 31 May 1864.
“To night there was a small soiree of seventy people on these premises—bringing forward Mrs. Chas Moulton of Paris, who was Miss Lily Greenough of Boston.  Went abroad, married a fortune, sang before the Emperor, created a furore and a profound sensation, and is now home for a visit to her mama.  She sang, Mrs. Ronalds was played off against her and she sang.  Mrs. R has likewise sung before the Emperor, and created a profound sensation.  It is supposed that society is now divided between Ronaldites and Moultonians.  Each has her partisans, and this was their first competitive examination.  ‘war of the warblings’ or vocalistic collision.  Each sang admirably, & I suppose that two amateurs of like grade have never been heard in N.Y. on the same evening.  Mrs. M. is a better vocalist, perhaps, & a very showy brunette, but I think Mrs. R’s blonde beauty, grace, and sweetness of manner, & remarkably sympathetic voice will enable her to hold her own.  Both are New England girls, and both were in respectable but rather second-rate social positions a few years ago.  Mrs. Hill’s pretty Parker grand daughter also gave us the benefit of her fresh & highly cultivated voice.  She seems a very charming young personage.  There were also here Mr. & Mrs. S.B.R.—Belmont & Mrs. Bell, Gen Dix and his wife—Mr. & Mrs. Blake and Miss Kitty—C.E.S. & Mrs. Eleanor Kuhn, -ville & his wife—Gen. Trobriand & Madame—Miss Charlotte Wilson & her intended, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.”.