Mendelssohn Union Concert

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Dr. Parker’s Church

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2 June 2016

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26 Jan 1865, Evening

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aka Vepres; Vespri siciliani; Sicilian vespers, The; Bolero; Siciliana; Sicilienne; Pity, beloved ladies; Merce dilette Amiche
Composer(s): Verdi
Composer(s): Berge


Review: New York Post, 27 January 1865.

“The Mendelssohn Union, under the direction of Mr. Berge, gave last evening a very choice and entertaining concert at the gracefully-constructed little chapel of Dr. Parker’s Church, in Fourth avenue. The attendance was not very large, but the appreciation and applause of those present were on a level with the superiority of the performance. The concerts of the ‘Union’ are among the most attractive of those given to our lovers of good music, who would do well to avail themselves of such entertainments. The accompaniments of Mr. Berge are masterly in every respect, and his duets on the piano-forte with Mr. Morgan are seldom equaled in our concert-rooms. They received last night the warmest applause.

     Mrs. Cooper was also highly successful, especially in her execution of the Bolero from the ‘Sicilian Vespers.’ There is a peculiarly sympathetic quality in this lady’s voice that wins admiration wherever it is heard. Mr. Lewis, the promising basso also attracted much attention, and the solos and choruses were all so praiseworthy that it would be needless to particularize further than to mention the ‘Jubilate,’ a composition by Mr. Berge himself, which electrified the audience, from its vigor and its rich and varied melody.”