Nixon Italian Opera: La sonnambula

Event Information

Academy of Music

Proprietor / Lessee:
James M. Nixon

Manager / Director:
James M. Nixon

Emanuele Muzio

Price: $1; .50 family circle; .25 Amphitheatre; $1.50 reserved

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Last Updated:
20 May 2013

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

24 Sep 1862, Evening

Program Details

"Great uprising galop” (between 2nd and 3rd acts)

Lucia scheduled; cancelled due to illness of Brignoli. Odell says Patti sang Lisa; this is doubtful, since she sang Amina previously.

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Sleepwalker; Nachtwandlerin
Composer(s): Bellini
Text Author: Romani
aka Uprising, The - galop; Great uprising galop; Grand uprising gallop
Composer(s): Muzio


Announcement: New York Post, 15 September 1862, 2.
Advertisement: New York Herald, 24 September 1862, 7.
Advertisement: New-York Times, 24 September 1862, 7.
Announcement: Courrier des États-Unis, 24 September 1862.
“Tonight, the young prima donna performs a new role, the one of Lucie.”
Review: New-York Times, 25 September 1862, 5.

     "Academy of Music--Miss Carlotta Patti.--The second night is apt to be the test of débuts, as the month after the honeymoon is supposed to be of marriages; and judged by this test, Miss Carlotta Patti has good reason to be satisfied with her success in the light and graceful opera judiciously selected for her first appearance. A really handsome and appreciative audience last night confirmed the favorable verdict of Monday, and the débutante did herself credit in the increased confidence and ease of her carriage and her execution.  Let us add a word of well-deserved praise for the fidelity and modesty with which Signor Sbriglia devotes himself, as tenors are not too often seen to do, to supporting the prima donna.

Review: Courrier des États-Unis, 26 September 1862, 2.

“Patti sang the day before yesterday the Sonnambula for the second time with an even more marked success than on her first appearance.”