Mendelssohn Union Concert: Israel in Egypt

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William Berge

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31 October 2016

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18 Jan 1866, Evening

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Both the New York Herald and New York Post give the title as Moses in Egypt, but the Herald refers to it as an oratorio. Thus, this is likely a performance of Handel’s oratorio, rather than a concert performance of Rossini’s opera.

No venue mentioned in either review; no ads.

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Review: New York Herald, 20 January 1866.

     “The oratorio of ‘Moses in Egypt’ was rendered on Thursday evening by the Mendelssohn Union in a manner worthy of the name and fame of that association and creditable to the subject. Mrs. Cooper, principal soprano, was in good voice. . . . Professor William Berge, who presided at the piano, directed the performance; and with such a leader a number of good voices, well timed and properly trained, as are those in the Mendelssohn Union, the chorus could not be otherwise than excellent. . . . The accompaniment to ‘The Prayer’ was performed on the harp by Miss Wernecke in an artistic manner. . . . The [unidentified] hall was crowded by the friends of the Union, and it is to be hoped that when the Mendelssohns contemplate giving another performance an establishment will be provided in which the large number of the admirers of the art of music and friends of their Union can be accommodated.”

Review: New York Post, 22 January 1866, 2.

     “The Mendelssohn Union gave a performance of ‘Moses in Egypt’ last week. A feature of the evening was the presentation of a gold watch to Mr. Berge, the conductor. The gift was from the ladies of the society.”