Grover German Opera: Guillaume Tell

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Academy of Music

Manager / Director:
Leonard Grover

Price: $1 parquet, dress circle; $.50 family circle; $.25 amphitheater; $.50 extra for reserved seat

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Last Updated:
20 June 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

20 Apr 1866, Evening

Program Details

Wood and Kruger performed a “grand ballet.” Members of the Helvetia, Wolfsschlucht, and Frohsinn Gesangvereins augmented the chorus.

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Rossini
Text Author: Jouy
Participants:  Helvetia Männerchor;  Wolfsschlucht Gesangverein;  Frohsinn Gesangverein;  Grover German Opera Company;  Theodore Habelmann (role: Jacques);  Wilhelm Formes (role: William Tell);  Otto Lehman [bass] (role: Leuthold);  Alphonse Urchs [Grover German Opera] (role: Melchthal);  Theresa Wood [dancer-voc];  Franz Himmer (role: Arnold Melchthal);  Sophie Dziuba (role: Jenny);  Mlle. [dancer] Kruger;  Edouard [bass-baritone] Haimer (role: Rudolph);  Joseph Weinlich (role: Walther Furst and Gessler);  Mme. [vocalist] Pickaneser (role: Hedwig);  Johanna Rotter (role: Mathilde)


Advertisement: New-York Times, 20 April 1866, 7.

     “In the grand ruetli scene the singing societies helvetia, wolfsschlucht, and frohsinn have kindly volunteered, augmenting the chorus to 150 voices, the largest choral force that has appeared in any opera in this country.”

Advertisement: New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung und Herold, 20 April 1866, 6.