Tony Pastor's Opera House

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Tony Pastor's Opera House

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Variety / Vaudeville

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22 August 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

05 Nov 1866, Evening
06 Nov 1866, Evening
07 Nov 1866, Evening
07 Nov 1866, 2:30 PM
08 Nov 1866, Evening
09 Nov 1866, Evening
10 Nov 1866, Evening
10 Nov 1866, 2:30 PM

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Naughty girls
Participants:  Tony Pastor


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Advertisement: New York Herald, 05 November 1866, 7.
Announcement: New York Sun, 05 November 1866, 4.
Review: New York Herald, 06 November 1866, 5.

“The excitement incident to ‘the night before election’ did not prevent the usual large attendance last evening at this popular place of amusement. A new programme was presented, in which were contained a number of novelties, together with many of the standard old pieces. One of the best features on the bill was the performance given by the acrobats, Senorita Lopez and her three children. The divertissement of L’Obelisque, given by Mlle. Bertha and a ballet of twelve young ladies, was tame and barely creditable. Tony Pastor gave a number of songs, among which two new ones were introduced—‘The Fenians in Canada’ and ‘The Naughty, Naughty Girls’—the former being loudly encored. The entertainment closed with the play of ‘The Forest Fiend,’ a new sensational drama, in which was developed the plot of troubled love, a rival’s jealousy, incidents of daring exploits and narrow escapes, and a final happy reunion, to the great edification of the audience.”

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Announcement: New York Herald, 10 November 1866, 5.