Griffin and Christy’s Minstrels

Event Information

Fifth Avenue Opera House

Manager / Director:
George W. Howard Griffin

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Last Updated:
9 November 2015

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

04 Feb 1867, Evening
05 Feb 1867, Evening
06 Feb 1867, Evening
07 Feb 1867, Evening
08 Feb 1867, Evening
09 Feb 1867, Evening

Performers and/or Works Performed


Announcement: New York Sun, 04 February 1867, 4.
Advertisement: New York Herald, 04 February 1867, 1.
Review: New York Herald, 05 February 1867, 7.

“The great trio of Ethiopian satellites—Christy, Benedict and Burbank—who are performing nightly at the Fifth Avenue Opera House, attract the up-town playgoers in goodly numbers to their comfortable hall, with almost as unerring a certainty as the moon draws the waves of the sea.  And this human tide occurs regularly every evening, not only filling the house with smiling faces, but the treasury with ‘greenbacks.’  The delineations of negro character are of the first order, and the eccentric and mirth provoking interludes abound in funny sayings and ludicrous situations.  We have but one fault to find with this company, and that is the lack of changing their musical olio before it becomes too hackneyed and stale.  A little more attention to this portion of the programme, and at least one or two banjo solos and accompanying songs during the evening and they will be one of the best minstrel troupes in the city.” 


Review: New York Clipper, 09 February 1867, p. 350, 4th col., top .

“Griffin & Christy’s Minstrels, at the Fifth Avenue Opera House, are doing nicely with their newly organized forces, among whom are Burbank (who is said to be a very clever comedian, C. Benedict, etc. The genial Griffin makes as good a [?] as performer, and that is saying a great deal.”