Bateman and Harrison Wednesday Popular Concert: 15th

Event Information

Steinway Hall

Manager / Director:
Lafayette F. Harrison

Theodore Thomas [see also Thomas Orchestra]

Price: $1; $1.50 reserved

Record Information


Last Updated:
8 January 2018

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

13 Feb 1867, 8:00 PM

Program Details

Some of the citations record this as the fourteenth concert in the series; owing to an issue with scheduling on Mondays and Wednesdays, Music in Gotham counts this as the fifteenth. For an explanation of this discrepancy, see the program details of Bateman and Harrison Wednesday Popular Concert: 1st on 11/12/66.

Bateman did not manage this concert; for an explanation of why the event title includes his name, see the program details of Bateman and Harrison Wednesday Popular Concert: 13th on 1/30/67.

Program includes selections from L’Africaine, La Traviata, Merry Wives of Windsor, Norma, Faust, Martha, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Ernani, Il Trovatore, I Puritani, Fra Diavolo, Maritana, Don Giovanni, and Lurline.

Performers and/or Works Performed


Advertisement: New York Herald, 10 February 1867.
Announcement: New-York Times, 11 February 1867, 5.

Part of review for Harrison's Sunday Evening Concert series. "On Wednesday next the same artists [Parepa, Mills, Rosa, Thomas] sing a popular concert. Itw ill be an operatic night--the programme being made up of the best known pieces of the Italian, German and French operatic repertoire. The idea is a good one, and will unquestionably please the popular taste."

Advertisement: New-York Times, 13 February 1867, 7.
Announcement: New-York Daily Tribune, 13 February 1867.

Brief. "This evening at Steinway's will be given the fourteenth [sic] popular concert of Parepa, Rosa, Mills, and the rest."

Review: New York Herald, 14 February 1867, 8.

Brief. “The fourteenth [sic] Wednesday popular concert at Steinway Hall last evening was very largely attended. The programme was entirely operatic, and was very well rendered by the splendid Harrison troupe.”