First Free-Will Baptist Church Concert

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First Free-Will Baptist Church

William Berge

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1 December 2015

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20 Feb 1867, Evening

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Review: New York Herald, 21 February 1867, 7.

“…The concert at the First Free-Will Baptist church at Seventeenth street last night was most enjoyable. The attendance, however, was but slight, and the circumstance of the concert being in a church threw a sort of semi-religious feeling over the audience that was rather chilling. In spite of this repressing influence the different artists—Miss T. Wernoke [sic], Miss J. Hoatinand, the Messrs. Hill, Dye and Fielder, under the direction of Mr. William Berge—acquitted themselves most creditably and to the entire satisfaction of those present. Both ladies have very sweet voices and evinced much cultivation. Their male companions are equally excellent, and altogether the concert was deserving of much greater patronage than it received.”