Charley White Company

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Mechanic's Hall

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5 December 2015

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25 Feb 1867, Evening
26 Feb 1867, Evening
27 Feb 1867, Evening
28 Feb 1867, Evening
01 Mar 1867, Evening
02 Mar 1867, Evening
02 Mar 1867, 2:30 PM

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Text Author: Bleecker
aka Original Broadway boys


Advertisement: New York Herald, 25 February 1867, 1.
Review: New York Herald, 27 February 1867, 7.

“The hall in which the above troupe cater for the public amusement was, as usual, densely packed last evening with an audience of what is popularly called an appreciative character. The bill presented to his patrons this week by Charles White is an entirely new one, comprising, in addition to the established favorites permanently attached, two new comers, Morissey Little, a very clever follower of the burnt cork profession, and Silas D. Baldwin, a juggler of considerable ability. The variety part of the entertainment brings out Charley White, George Edelson, Josh Hart, Dick Ralph and the popular corps de ballet, and the performances close with a new comedietta entitled The Hand of Clatterduffy; or, the Monkey of the Barony.”