Kelly and Leon’s Minstrels

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Kelly and Leon's Minstrels Hall (720 Broadway)

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21 December 2015

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02 Sep 1867, Evening
03 Sep 1867, Evening
04 Sep 1867, Evening
05 Sep 1867, Evening
06 Sep 1867, Evening
07 Sep 1867, Evening

Performers and/or Works Performed

Participants:  John F. Oberist


Advertisement: New York Herald, 02 September 1867.
Review: New York Clipper, 14 September 1867, 182.

.  “There is no ebb in the tide of prosperity which nightly flows in through the doors of Kelly and Leon’s Minstrel Hall.  Cool and comfortable, with a variety and excellence on minstrelsy, the visitors seem to never tire of listening to the melodies, comic or pathetic, of Mr. Kelly and other members of the company.  Mr. Kelly’s singing in the first part is highly applauded, and the song of the Tyrol, by Mr. Oberist, is received on each repetition with hearty sympathy and applause.  The burlesque operas by this colored company have seldom been surpassed.  ‘Kill Trovatore’ is the last burlesque, and the roles were capitally sustained – the choruses and incidental music were executed with precision and propriety.  Leon takes off the role of Leonora in capital style and created considerable amusement.”