Richings English Opera Company: Maritana

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Olympic Theatre

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9 March 2016

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28 Mar 1867, Evening

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Wallace
Text Author: Fitzball
Participants:  Richings English Opera Company;  William Castle (role: Don Caesar);  Sherwood C. Campbell (role: Don Jose);  Caroline Richings (role: Maritana);  Zelda Harrison (role: Lazarillo);  Henry C. Peakes (role: King)


Advertisement: New York Herald, 28 March 1867.


Advertisement: New-York Times, 28 March 1867.
Review: New York Herald, 29 March 1867, 7.

“Amusements. Musical. Wallace’s Maritana is always sure to draw out a large and appreciative auditory whenever it is performed in this city, and the crowded state of the Olympic theatre last evening only gave additional evidence that it is a decided favorite with the mass of our music lovers. The Richings troupe rendered this delightful opera in an unexceptionable manner, and drew forth, as they richly deserved, the universal plaudits of a very critical audience. The title rôle was sustained by Miss Caroline Richings, Don Caesar by Mr. Castle, Don José by Mr. Campbell, Lazarillo by Miss Zelda Harrison and the King by Mr. H. C. Peakes. The solos of the principal characters invariably met with an encore, as did also the duetto ‘Holy Mother, Guide his Footsteps,’ and the quartette in the last act. As a whole the performance was a highly artistic one, and fully merited the approbation bestowed on it.” 

Review: New York Clipper, 06 April 1867, 414.

“Business has been pretty good the past two weeks, but not so large as during their first engagement here. This is, no doubt, owing to the season of Lent and the counter attraction of the Italian Opera, which gobbles up the regular codfish opera goers, who go more for fashion’s sake and not because they appreciate Italian Opera. Those who attend the English Opera go because they can understand what they hear, and [illeg.] bestow their plaudits upon native talent. The Richings Troupe is, without doubt, composed of some of the best lyric artists that have ever appeared in this country, and, being native and to the manor born, we hail with pleasure their success. Last week the operas given were the ‘Rose of Castile,’ ‘Bohemian Girl,’ Linda di Chamounix,’ ‘Maritana’ and ‘Fra Diavolo.’”