Kelly and Leon’s Minstrels

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Kelly and Leon's Minstrels Hall (720 Broadway)

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20 July 2018

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15 Jun 1868, Evening
16 Jun 1868, Evening
17 Jun 1868, Evening
18 Jun 1868, Evening
19 Jun 1868, Evening
20 Jun 1868, Evening
20 Jun 1868, 2:00 PM

Program Details

Music arranged by Prof. Zaulig.

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Belle L. N.
Text Author: Leon
Participants:  Kelly and Leon’s Minstrels;  Francis Leon (role: Helen);  Edwin Kelly (role: Paris);  John F. Oberist (role: A-Killer);  Add Ryman (role: Cal-Chase);  George W. Howard Griffin (role: All-Gammon);  Joe [bones player] Murphy;  George Guy [baritone] (role: Herald);  Mr. [harpist] Blamphin;  Sam S. [Ethiopian comedian] Purdy (role: Arrest-Us);  Mr. [tenor] Naylor;  Willie Guy [minstrel] (role: To-Bac-Cus);  William H. Brockway (role: Money-Less);  G. W. Jackson [minstrel tenor]


Advertisement: New York Herald, 15 June 1868.
Advertisement: New York Clipper, 20 June 1868, 87.
Announcement: New York Clipper, 27 June 1868, 94, 3d col., top.

“S. S. Purdy, in consequence of a very heavy ‘indispositon,’ was not in condition to appear on the tambo end with Kelly and Leon’s Minstrels on the 18th inst., and, in consequence, was permitted to sever his connection with company, doing so at a moment’s notice, and putting the management at considerable trouble, for Mr. Purdy was in the cast of ‘La Bell L. N.,’ and had the role of Arrest-Us, an important one, which had to be taken by Joe Murphy without any study at all. This is damaging to any place, not only injuring the management, but disappointing the audience, who have paid their money to see what is set forth in the bills.”