Sunday Concert: 7th

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Irving Hall

Harvey Bradley Dodworth
Edward Mollenhauer [viola-vn]

Price: $.50; $1 reserved seats

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30 March 2019

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

21 Feb 1869, Evening

Program Details

The programme included a total of twelve pieces, not counting encores.

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Weber
Composer(s): Sanderson
Participants:  Harry Sanderson
Composer(s): Sanderson
Participants:  Harry Sanderson
Composer(s): Levy
Composer(s): Wallace


Advertisement: New York Herald, 19 February 1869, 12.
Advertisement: New-York Times, 19 February 1869, 7.
Announcement: New-York Times, 20 February 1869, 4.
Review: New York Herald, 22 February 1869, 7.

“Irving Hall was also well filled [as was Steinway Hall], and a very attractive programme was presented.  Messrs. Dodworth and Mollenhauer deserve great credit for the efficiency of their orchestra.  ‘The Mendelssohn Orchestral Union,’ and the two overtures on the programme, ’Euryanthe’ and ‘Maritana,’ were given with a precision and spirit truly admirable.  Levy ‘corneted’ in his usual dashing style and Brookhouse Bowler and his talented wife filled the tenor and contralto parts very acceptably.  The artists who appeared last night form a travelling concert troupe during the week under Harrison’s management.”

Review: New-York Times, 22 February 1869, 5.

“The seventh Sunday concert was given last evening at Irving Hall, and, as usual, attracted with the overture to ‘Euryanthe,’ played by the full band of sixty performers.  This was succeeded by eleven other vocal and instrumental pieces, without counting encores.  Were we to dwell on each piece, it would consume a column—which we have not at our disposal for the purpose.  Briefly, the orchestra was in careful trim, and played with animation.  It is now in fine working order, and presents a body of men who attack every kind of work with success.  Mr. Brookhouse Bowler sang two pieces agreeably.  He has a pleasant voice, a good method and an agreeable person.  Mrs. Bowler (nee Annie Kemp), is well-remembered in New-York.  She also sang with effect.  Mr. Harry Sanderson played his selection from ‘I Puritani’ and the ‘Irving Polka.’  Both pieces exhibit a characteristic style and a remarkable facility of execution.  Last, but not least, Mr. Levy, the cornet player, electrified the audience with ‘Una Voce,’ which he sang on the instrument, and in a manner, be it observed, that few singers attain.  He was tumultuously encored, and in response played with full orchestra the ‘Levy Waltz,’ a piece which, while it gives a performer like Mr. Levy a wonderful degree of latitude for execution, is yet calculated to please the multitude.  It is extremely melodious, and will, we doubt not, become popular.”