New-Yorker Stadt Theater Opera: La Juive

Event Information

New-Yorker Stadt-Theater [45-47 Bowery- post-Sept 1864]

Proprietor / Lessee:
Eduard Hamann [prop.-dir.]
Hermann Rosenberg

Manager / Director:
Henry [manager] Grau

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30 August 2020

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

20 Sep 1869, Evening

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Jewess; Juedin; Jüdin; Judin
Composer(s): Halévy
Text Author: Scribe


Advertisement: New York Herald, 19 September 1869, 12.
Announcement: New York Herald, 20 September 1869, 7.
Follows announcement for La Juive in French at the Academy of Music by the Dryane French Opera Company. “At the Stadt theatre ‘La Juive’ will likewise be given this evening, in German, by the opera company now performing at that establishment. During the past week German opera, as produced in the Bowery, under the management of Mr. H. Grau, has met with flattering success, and should be management persevere in its endeavors to please there is no good reason why the present season, though necessarily short, should not prove remunerative.”
Advertisement: New York Herald, 20 September 1869, 12.

Cast list.

Review: New York Herald, 21 September 1869, 3.

“Stadt Theatre—German Opera.—The performance of the popular opera of ‘The Jewess,’ last evening, at the above theatre, drew a full house. Although the talent is far from being first class it evidently proves the desire of the Teuton population to enjoy its own element, and may serve as a stimulant to productions of a higher rank. One of the great objections is, doubtless the orchestra is evidently determined that the old maxim of ‘music hath charms’ shall not be forgotten for want of endeavors on the part of the musicians. In fact any good effect produced by the performers was drowned by the strenuous efforts of the drum and other instruments. Miss Frederici, as Rachel, gave evidence of talent and good acting, but should modulate her voice, especially in the duos. Elezar, the Jew, was also well rendered by Mr. Franz Himmer, and the chorus corps were well up to their work. From the frequent and prolonged applause of the audience, however, the production may be considered a success.”