Church of St. Francis Xavier: Palm Sunday Service

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Church of St. Francis Xavier

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23 January 2022

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10 Apr 1870

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No time given. Although the sole citation indicates that Mozart’s Mass “No. 1” was performed at this service, it seems more likely that this is a typo, and it was instead Mozart’s K. Ahn. 232, the “Tweflth Mass,” which was very popular at Easter.

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Mass, no. 12
Composer(s): Mozart


Review: New York Herald, 11 April 1870, 3.

“…At high mass Mozart’s No. 1 [sic] was selected by the organist, Dr. Berg [sic], and was sung in an unexceptionable manner by the choir. Misses Teresa and Mary Werneke and Messrs. Tamaro and Bacelli were the solo quartet, and the chorus was mainly made up of members of the Berge Choral Union. The Passion was sung by three of the Jesuit Fathers—one taking the part of the Evangelist, one of the Redeemer, and one representing the rabble. The effect is highly dramatic, and in Catholic countries, where this sublime work is given with all the reverence and solemnity it demands, it is perhaps one of the grandest and most sublime musical works that can be imagined.”