Grand Concert in Aid of the Student’s Library of St. Francis Xavier’s College

Event Information

St. Francis Xavier College

William Berge

Price: $1

Event Type:
Chamber (includes Solo), Choral

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18 April 2020

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

28 Jan 1864, Evening

Program Details

Chorus of sixty voices

Mr. William Berge, piano accomp.

Rossini's "Moses in Egypt" is the oratorio version, “as sung by the Handel and Haydn Society of Boston.”

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Masaniello; Mute Girl of Portici; Stumme von Portici
Composer(s): Auber
aka Moses in Egypt; Mose in Egitto
Composer(s): Rossini
Text Author: Tottola
aka Prophete. Coronation march; Grand processional march; Krönungsmarsch; Crowning march
Composer(s): Meyerbeer


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“Rossini’s ‘Moses in Egypt,’ as performed on Thursday evening in the hall of St. Francis Xavier’s College, for the benefit of the Student’s Library, attracted a large and appreciative audience. The overture to Masaniello, admirably given by eight performers, infused its French vivacity into the audience, and prepared them for the Italian-Hebrew of Rossini’s great work. Meyerbeer’s ‘Coronation March’ was also introduced as an episodical [sic] performance.
Mr. Berge presided at the piano. To his superior executive ability he adds a wealth of artistic profusion which is quite astonishing, his masterly accompaniments combining both volume and sweetness. He thus ably supported the solo singers, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Mozart and Messrs. Simpson, Duclos, Werneke and Thomas, all of whom sang most creditably. Indeed, there was an earnest vitality about this admirable entertainment which should ensure for it a speedy repetition.”
Review: New-York Times, 01 February 1864, 4.
Brief and part of a review of multiple performances from the week. 
“[There] was a capital performance of Rossini’s, ‘Moses in Egypt,’ at the new Hall of St. Francis Xavier’s College, Sixteenth-street, on Thursday last. The solos were interpreted by Mrs. Cooper, (a soprano who ought to be heard more often,) Mrs. Mozart, Mr. Simpson, Mr. J. R Thomas, Mr. Werneke and Mr. Duclos. A very fine chorus assisted, and the performance, with the exception of two dreary piano-forte pieces for sixteen hands, was artistic and creditable. Mr. Berge, the very able organist, conducted on the occasion, and, we are glad to learn, with a brilliant pecuniary as well as musical result. The Hall is capacious and excellent for sound. It has but one fault—it is in the upper regions.”