Hooley and Campbell’s Minstrels

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Campbell’s Minstrel Hall
Hooley’s Minstrel Hall

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14 February 2012

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

16 Jan 1865, Evening
17 Jan 1865, Evening
18 Jan 1865, Evening
19 Jan 1865, Evening
20 Jan 1865, Evening
21 Jan 1865, Evening

Program Details

Burgess performs “Nicodemus Johnson” wearing shoes “a yard long.”

Opening week.
Hooley and Campbell have formed a united company, although Hooley maintains a company at his original theater in Brooklyn as well.

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Crowned with the tempest
Composer(s): Verdi
Composer(s): Murphy
Participants:  Cool [minstrel] Burgess


Advertisement: New York Herald, 12 January 1865.

Advertisement: New York Sun, 14 January 1865.
“A NEW ERA IN MINSTRELSY—HOOLEY & CAMPBELL’S Minstrels, Bowery, opposite Spring st—the greatest combination of artistic talent ever brought together, embracing the advantage of placing different performances before the public at all times, thereby keeping up with the public demand—a constant flow of novelty.”
Announcement: New York Clipper, 21 January 1865, 326.

Review: New York Clipper, 28 January 1865, 334.
“The first part of the programme was very cleverly performed, the singing being most excellent. The opening chorus of ‘Crowned with the Tempest,’ was excellent, both in the vocal and instrumental department. Cool Burgess created a very favorable impression on the end, and seemed to be running over with fun. The clog dance by Hank Mudge and his two pupils—Hail Columbia and Yankee Doodle—was decidedly one of the features of the evening. Cool Burgess appeared in his song and dance of Nicodemus Johnson, and a more laughable act we have seldom witnessed. Why he actually had on a pair of shoes nearly a yard long. They just took down everything we ever saw in the gun-boat line for feet. Mr. Burgess is a very clever performer, and this set was encored, when he gave a few turns at a walk around. Budworth’s banjo solo and Rice’s prima donna act were also creditably given. The company now performing here is a good one, and under the able direction of Mr. Hooley ought to attract good houses.”