Maretzek Italian Opera: La forza del destino

Event Information

Academy of Music

Manager / Director:
Max Maretzek

Carl Bergmann

Price: $1.00

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Last Updated:
31 July 2012

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

18 Mar 1865, 1:00 PM

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Advertisement: New York Herald, 14 March 1865.

Advertisement: New-York Times, 15 March 1865.

Announcement: New York Post, 16 March 1865.

Announcement: New-York Times, 16 March 1865.

Announcement: New York Clipper, 18 March 1865, 390.

     The opera closes at the Academy on March 18--Lent hurts attendance.

Announcement: New-York Times, 18 March 1865, 6.

     “In these bright Spring days it is a privilege for our country friends to visit the city, hear an opera, and return in good season.”

Advertisement: New-York Times, 18 March 1865.

Review: New York Herald, 19 March 1865, 4.

     “There was an immense house at the matinée yesterday, when La Forza del Destino was sung for the last time. There was neither sitting nor standing room within view of the stage to be had when the opera commenced. The audience was, as usual, composed of ladies in about the proportion of ten to one of the other sex. The opera was very well sung, and all the leading beauties of the work were evidently appreciated. People seemed to enjoy it all the more because it was the last time they would have an opportunity of hearing it.”

Announcement: New York Clipper, 25 March 1865, 398.

     [part of review of New York venues] “Shall we cross over to the Academy of Music? Yes? Well, here we are in the presence of Shoddies, Codfish, Petroleum, and war contractors. What a brilliant sight the auditorium presents. Dear, dear, what vanity, and what false fronts are to be seen here. And although the women folk look like angels, many among them are perfect devils when the ‘world’s admiring gaze’ is not upon them.  We guess its [sic] an Italian song that gentleman is singing, but it sounds like Bowery Dutch.”