Maretzek Italian Opera: Dom Sébastien, roi de Portugal

Event Information

Academy of Music

Manager / Director:
Max Maretzek

Carl Bergmann

Price: $1 reserved

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Last Updated:
15 February 2012

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

17 Dec 1864, 1:00 PM

Program Details

Donizetti: Dom Sébastien
Includes an incidental ballet

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Dom Sebastian, King of Portugal; Dom Sebastien; Don Sebastian
Composer(s): Donizetti
Text Author: Scribe
Participants:  Maretzek Italian Opera Company;  Bernardo Massimiliani (role: Sebastian);  Mlle. Ernestine;  Mlle. [dancer] Auriol;  Augustino Susini (role: Giovanni);  Domenico Lorini (role: Abadialos);  Fernando [bass-baritone] Bellini (role: Camoens);  Carlotta Carozzi-Zucchi (role: Zaida)
aka Grand ballet divertissement, unidentified


Announcement: New York Herald, 15 December 1864, 4.
“We are glad to perceive that Mr. Maretzek has acceded to the general desire for the production of Don Sebastian at a matinee on Saturday next, and has announced it for that occasion.”
Advertisement: Courrier des États-Unis, 16 December 1864.

Announcement: New York Herald, 17 December 1864, 5.

Advertisement: New York Herald, 17 December 1864, 7.

Announcement: New-York Times, 17 December 1864, 4.

Listed in “Amusements This Evening.”

Advertisement: New-York Times, 17 December 1864, 7.

Announcement: Courrier des États-Unis, 17 December 1864.

Announcement: New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung und Herold, 17 December 1864.
Announces Dom Sebastian.
Review: New York Herald, 18 December 1864, 4.

“Since Faust was the early passion of the opera going public, when twenty-seven hundred people once went to hear it at a matinee, there was never a larger audience on a similar occasion than Don Sebastian brought together yesterday at the Academy. The weather, we need not say, was most unfavorable, but it did not in the least affect the desire of the public to hear this fine work of Donizetti for the last time at a matinee. The opera was given with its usual excellence for the ninth time.  The artists, probably inspired by the immense house, sang admirably.  The tenor, Signor Massimiliani, however, we are sorry to state, was suffering from a recent accident consequent upon the unsafe condition of the streets, having received a severe fall on Thursday.  But, though enduring considerable pain, he unselfishly consented to sing rather than disappoint the public. Don Sebastian, as we anticipated, will have to be repeated once more, and is announced for to-morrow (Monday) night.”

Review: New York Post, 19 December 1864.

One line only.  “[The matinee] of last Saturday was, in spite of unpleasant weather, one of the most brilliant entertainments of the kind ever given here.”

Review: New-York Times, 19 December 1864, 4.

Very brief.  “The matinée on Saturday was brilliantly attended, fully sixteen hundred ladies—without counting the other sex—being present on the occasion. The condition of the weather did not promise such a flattering result. It proves, however, that ‘Don Sebastian’ has taken a firm hold of the public fancy. The applications at the Box office for a repetition have been so numerous that Mr. Maretzek has concluded to give the opera once more to-night.”