Wood’s Theatre: Irene Worrell Benefit

Event Information

Wood's Theatre [beginning Jan 15, 1866]

Event Type:
Play With Music

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26 July 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

27 Jul 1866, 8:00 PM
28 Jul 1866, 8:00 PM

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Millie, the maid with the milking pail; Milly, the maid with the milking pail
Text Author: Buckstone
Participants:  Irene Worrell


Advertisement: New York Post, 27 July 1866.
Announcement: New York Post, 27 July 1866, 2.
Advertisement: New-York Daily Tribune, 28 July 1866.
Review: New York Herald, 28 July 1866, 4.

The crowded audiences at Wood’s for the last two months compared with the sparseness of the attendance at other places of amusement in the city, fully attests the high appreciation in which these charming young actresses, the Worrell sisters, are held by the theatre-going public. They came here almost strangers, and have at once taken a high position in the rank of popular favor. Last evening was the occasion of the first benefit of Miss Jennie, the youngest of the trio, and, as on previous evenings, the house was crowded. Miss Irene appeared in the comedietta, ‘Milly, the Maid with the Milking Pail,’ and was received with rounds of applause and a perfect shower of magnificent bouquets. One could not help admiring her artless simplicity of style and the ease and natural grace with which she performed her part. The programme concluded with the fairy extravaganza, the Fair One with the Golden Locks, in which all three of the sisters appeared and received the highest marks of appreciation.”

Review: New York Clipper, 04 August 1866, 134.