Maretzek Italian Opera: La sonnambula

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Leonard Jerome’s Theatre

Manager / Director:
Max Maretzek

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9 August 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

01 Dec 1866, Evening

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Sleepwalker; Nachtwandlerin
Composer(s): Bellini
Text Author: Romani
Participants:  Maretzek Italian Opera Company;  Madame [contralto] Reichardt (role: Teresa);  Signor [tenor] Baragli (role: Elvino);  Signor Band [illeg.] (role: Alessio);  Fanny Stockton (role: Lisa);  G. [basso] Fossati (role: Count Rodolph);  Minnie Hauk (role: Amina)


Review: New York Herald, 02 December 1865, 5.

“The stage and auditorium of this neat and cozy little theatre are scarcely proportional in size with the merit of the musical performances which are there produced. Its costly chandeliers, appropriate scenery and elegant appointments throughout disclose the fact that no expense has been spared by the hospitable proprietor in preparing for a choice entertainment of his guests. The excellence of the artists by whom the various Italian operas have been produced affords a rare musical treat to the fortunate possessor of a card of invitation. Last evening the favorite opera of Sonnambula was represented before a brilliant audience of some two hundred ladies and gentlemen, comprising a fair representation of the élite of New York. It was well presented throughout—the numerous passages of great tenderness and beauty with which this fine musical work of Bellini abounds, and which have been enshrined in the affections of all lovers of this most subtle and eloquent of the fine arts, being very acceptably rendered. The rôle of Armina was performed with especial merit by Miss Minnie Houck [sic], her charming grace and naïveté of action and the purity and sweetness of her voice eliciting the frequent plaudits of an appreciative audience. Kivino [sic] was well represented by Signor Baragli, who, both in the action and in the vocal expression which he gave to the various emotional phrases of the character, sustained his well merited reputation. The rich, mellow voice of Sig. Fossatti [sic] embodied with artistic excellence the rôle of Count Rodolph, while the parts of Teresa, by Mme. Reichardt, Liza [sic], by Mme. Fanny Stockton, and Alessio, by Sig. Band [illeg.] were very acceptably rendered.”

Review: New-York Daily Tribune, 03 December 1866, 8.

“In the evening of Saturday [sic] Mr. Maretzek’s company gave an operatic entertainment at the beautiful little Opera House attached to the mansion of Mr. Leonard Jerome. The audience was composed of the very elite of society and presented an elegant and brilliant appearance. The opera of ‘La Sonnambula’ was given, and Miss Hauck, who was first introduced to the public at this house under the kind auspices of Mr. Leonard Jerome, interpreted the character of Amina in a very charming and graceful manner. Her pure and very beautiful voice was heard to great advantage in this well-sounding house, and both in her singing and acting she more than fulfilled the expectations raised by her first appearance. The other parts were well sustained by Miss Fanny Stockton and Signori Baragli and Fossati.”