Frederick Bergner Annual Concert

Event Information

Steinway Hall

Joseph Mosenthal

Price: $1

Event Type:
Chamber (includes Solo)

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7 December 2015

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

26 Feb 1867, 8:00 PM

Program Details

NYMZ 03/09/67, p. 488 says the fantasia was performed “for the first time.”

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Thomas [see also Thomas Orchestra]


Advertisement: New York Herald, 25 February 1867, 1.
Announcement: New York Post, 25 February 1867.
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: Strong, George Templeton. New-York Historical Society. The Diaries of George Templeton Strong, 1863-1869: Musical Excerpts from the MSs, transcribed by Mary Simonson. ed. by Christopher Bruhn., 26 February 1867.

“To Bergner’s concert at the [illeg.] Steinway Hall.  Bergner is Johny’s Violoncello teacher.  A nice person, and a good musician.  The room was crowded.  We had Beethoven’s Septuor--the loveliest composition of its class--and then sundry solos for piano, for cello and for voice all of them flashy and feeble, as I thought.  Came away before they were all disposed of.”

Review: New York Post, 27 February 1867.

“The concert given by Mr. F. Bergner last evening at Steinway Hall, was in every respect satisfactory. The full attendance was a deserved compliment to one of the most accomplished musical artists we have, the programme contained excellent selections from the best classic music, and the performance was worthy of such artists as Miss Sterling, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Mills, and other well known performers who took part in it.”

Review: New York Herald, 27 February 1867, 7.

“Mr. Bergner, the well known violoncellist of the Philharmonic Society, gave his annual concert in the smaller Steinway Hall last evening.  The audience was very respectable, both in numbers and appearance.  The beneficiare was assisted by some excellent artists, among whom were Miss Nettie Sterling, Messrs. Millls, Warren, Matzka, Pfeifenschneider, Hochstein, Boehm, Schmitz, Mosenthal &c. Beethoven’s septet in E flat, opus 20, and a fantasia on L’Africaine, for cabinet organ, piano, violin and ‘cello, were the most remarkable features in the concert.”

Review: New-Yorker Musik-Zeitung, 09 March 1867, 488.

F. Bergner gave his annual concert at Steinway Hall, with the support of Mrs. Sterling, S. B. Mills, Theodore Thomas, Pfeiffenschneider, Hochstein, S. P. Warren, Matzka, Boehm and Schmitz.  A fantasy on motifs of L’Africaine, written for melodeon, piano, viola and cello by Theo. Thomas, was performed for the first time.