Masonic Hall and Asylum Fund Benefit Concert

Event Information

Irving Hall

Price: $1

Performance Forces:
Instrumental, Vocal

Record Information


Last Updated:
17 March 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

17 Nov 1866, 8:00 PM

Performers and/or Works Performed

Composer(s): Moore
Composer(s): Tucker [comp.-cond.-voc.]
Composer(s): Thomas
aka Favorite ballads ; Ballads and warblings; Beautiful ballads
Composer(s): Unknown composer


Advertisement: New York Herald, 16 November 1866.
Advertisement: New-York Times, 17 November 1866, 7.
Announcement: New-York Daily Tribune, 17 November 1866, 5.
Review: New York Herald, 18 November 1866, 5.

“A concert was given at Irving Hall last evening for the benefit of the Masonic Hall and Asylum fund. Miss Mina Geary, Mlle. Erinula Pieris, Messrs. J. R. Thomas, Geary, Hill and four other artists assisted. The two sopranos sang some ballads in a very pleasing manner, Mr. Thomas some of his characteristic pieces in his own artistic style. Mr. Geary brought out Tucker and Moore in his selections. There were, in all, a grand piano overture, a wood and straw piano fantasia, a curiosity, at any rate; but, in point of music, not worth a straw, and a programme of sixteen pieces, each of which was vociferously encored. Ballad concerts of this kind are very enjoyable and pleasant when they are not protracted beyond a reasonable length.”

Review: New-York Times, 19 November 1866, 4.

“An agreeable concert was given at Irving Hall on Saturday evening under the auspices of Manitou Lodge, No. 106, F. and A. M. It was for the benefit of the Masonic Hall and Asylum Fund. The attendance was moderately good, and the programme—which was highly miscellaneous—was excellently rendered . . . [list of participants].”