Cecilian Choir Annual Concert

Event Information

Irving Hall

Manager / Director:
H. L. [impressario] Bateman
Lafayette F. Harrison

George Washbourne Morgan
Henry Stephen Cutler

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Last Updated:
12 April 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

24 Nov 1866, Evening

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Then round about the starry heavens
Composer(s): Handel


Announcement: New-York Times, 24 November 1866, 4.
Review: New York Herald, 26 November 1866, 8.

“On Saturday last the festival of St. Cecilia was celebrated by the Cecilian choir at Irving Hall. A banquet was given for the boys, during which addresses were made by Dr. Cutler, Mr. L. Harrison, Mr. George Morgan and other gentlemen. The most pleasing feature of the entertainment was the singing of ‘Round About the Starry Throne,’ by the Cecilians. An original poem was read by one of the members. Such an organization does honor to the metropolis and to Dr. Cutler, who founded it, Mr. Morgan, who conducts it, and Messrs. Harrison and Bateman, who manage it.”

Review: New-York Times, 26 November 1866, 4.

“A very agreeable reunion took place at Irving Hall on Saturday evening. It may not be generally known to our readers that Saturday was the anniversary of the admirable and melodious virgin St. Cecilia. It is known to them, however, that a musical organization called the ‘St. Cecilian Choir’ has been formed in this City, having for its object the study of sacred and other elaborate concerted music. The members of the choir are professional male singers and boys taught to sing the soprano and alto parts—forty of the former and sixty of the latter. We had occasion to speak last week of the fine way in which these choristers rendered Handel's difficult oratorio of ‘Samson’ at Rev. Mr. Beecher's Church in Brooklyn, and may mention incidentally that the same work will be repeated to-morrow evening at Steinway Hall. The president of the choir is Mr. James Geddes Day; the musical directors are DR. H. S. Cutler and Mr. George W. Morgan. Nearly all the members of the organization were present at the festival. After a sumptuous collation several pieces of music were sung by the choir collectively, and also by individual members of it. The boys were especially jubilant, and quaffed the foaming lemon-soda as though it were the exhilarating champagne in which their seniors indulged. The best of understanding prevails between Dr. Cutler (the choir master) and his young pupils. They share the enthusiasm which the Doctor so truly feels for music—indeed it would be hard to resist its influence. The man who has a purpose and the necessary industry and talent to accomplish it, generally succeeds. How thoroughly Dr. Cutler's boys have imbued the spirit of their preceptor may be understood from the mere mention of the fact that without music or preparation they sang one of the most difficult fugal choruses from ‘Samson’ entirely by memory.”