Metropolitan Fair for the Benefit of the U.S. Sanitary Commission: Judas Maccabaeus

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Metropolitan Fair Union Square Music Hall

Frédéric Louis Ritter

Price: $.50

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24 February 2011

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

09 Apr 1864, 6:00 PM

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Advertisement: New York Herald, 05 April 1864.

Announcement: New-York Times, 05 April 1864, 1.
“A select orchestra of from thirty to forty of the best musicians of the City will perform every night from 7 to 10 o’clock, under the direction of Messrs. Reitzel [sic] & Noll, at the Union-square Music Hall (East end.)   Price of admission, 50 cents.
The following extra performance will take place during the present week, to commence at 6 o’clock P.M. . . .
Saturday, April 9.—Handel’s Superb Oratorio, ‘Judas Maccabæus,’ by the New-York Harmonic Society, under the direction of Mr. F.L. Ritter; the Solo parts to be sustained by Eminent Vocalists.”
Advertisement: New-York Times, 05 April 1864, 7.

Advertisement: New York Herald, 07 April 1864, 7.

Advertisement: New-York Daily Tribune, 07 April 1864.

Advertisement: New-York Times, 09 April 1864, 7.

Advertisement: New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung und Herold, 09 April 1864.

Review: New-York Times, 10 April 1864, 8.
Just a mention that it was performed.  “[A]n unusually large and fashionable audience.  These concerts are becoming one of the great attractions of the fair.”
Review: New-York Times, 11 April 1864, 8.
Brief review.  “The oratorio on Saturday evening was finely given and the audience very large.”
Review: Musical Review and World, 23 April 1864, 135.
“Handel’s ‘Judas Maccabaeus’ was performed at the Metropolitan Fair building (Union Square), under the direction of Mr. Franz Ritter, assisted by Miss Mary Brainard (soprano), Mrs. Motte (contralto), Mr. Gustavus Geary (tenor), and Mr. J.R. Thomas (bass).  Mr. Geo. F. Bristow presiding at the piano.  Mr. Ritter deserves credit for having brought out Handel’s colossal work, which, as far as we can remember, has not been performed here for a great many years.”
Review: Dwight's Journal of Music, 30 April 1864, 232.
“Among the manifold contributions of the musical art to the great Fair, which has given a million dollars to the Sanitary Commission, was a performance of Handel’s oratorio, ‘Judas Maccabeaus.’  No musical work could be more timely during this war; it has the true ring of heroic patriotism.  It was given at the Metropolitan Fair building in Union Square, under the direction of Mr. Franz Ritter, with Miss Brainard as principal soprano, Mrs. Motte contralto, Mr. Geary tenor, and Mr. J.R. Thomas, bass.  Mr. Bristow ‘presided at the piano;’ hence we infer that there was no orchestra.”