Campbell’s Minstrels

Event Information

Campbell’s Minstrel Hall

Proprietor / Lessee:
M. C. Campbell [minstrel]

Manager / Director:
M. C. Campbell [minstrel]

Price: $.25 to all parts of the house

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Record Information


Last Updated:
24 September 2011


Advertisement: New York Herald, 17 July 1864.

“The Bright constellation in the Ethiopian Firmament.”

Announcement: New York Clipper, 23 July 1864, 118.

Advertisement: New York Clipper, 23 July 1864, 119.

“Pronounced alike, by musician and connoisseur, press and public, THE MASTER BAND.”

Review: New York Clipper, 30 July 1864, 126.

“How pleasant to turn from such conflicting elements and visit Campbell’s Minstrels, in the Bowery, where all is peace and harmony, and where the cheering sound of voices in sweet accord makes us feel that there is something worth living for, even though there be no peace, no apparent end to this cruel war. . . . But a few weeks have elapsed since Mr. Campbell inaugurated his new hall, and introduced his band to the notice of a New York public, yet in that time he has secured a firm footing in the Bowery, and has met with very flattering encouragement.  We think the Campbell has struck the right vein at last; he has worked industriously for a managerial position, and we hope he sees before him the path to fame and fortune.”