Anschütz German Opera: Der Freischütz

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German Opera House

Manager / Director:
Carl Anschütz

Carl Anschütz

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27 June 2013

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

21 Nov 1862, 8:00 PM

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Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Der Freischutz; The Freeshooter; Freyschutz
Composer(s): Weber
Text Author: Kind


Advertisement: New-York Times, 20 November 1862, 7.
“Only night of . . . Der Freischutz.”
Announcement: New York Herald, 21 November 1862, 5.
Advertisement: New York Herald, 21 November 1862, 7.
35th Night.
Review: New York Post, 22 November 1862, 2.

     "The German opera was fairly attended last night, and 'Der Freischutz' was performed with good effect. Madame Johannsen acted and sang well, and gave the celebrated 'prayer' with a finish and delicacy worthy of her reputation. Madame Rotter also played well, and sang with unusual brilliancy, prudently refraining from forcing her voice. The other performers did the best they could, and combined to give quite a satisfactory performance of the 'Freischutz.'"

Review: Courrier des États-Unis, 24 November 1862, 2.

     "One wouldn't know how to praise the activity of M. Anschutz too much. In ten weeks, ten different operas have been performed, and all, which belong to many different genres, have been rendered with equal ability. Monday, the Freischutz, and Tuesday the Magic Flute, obtained a dazzling success. Mme. Rotter and M. Lotti were the two heroes of those evenings. The orchestra is a real orchestra, whose members understand the music they play,  are very disciplined, and give honor to M. Anschutz.