Gustavus Geary’s Annual Ballad Concert

Event Information

Irving Hall

Price: $1

Performance Forces:

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6 August 2016

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

27 Sep 1866, 8:00 PM

Program Details

NYH incorrectly advertises a “T. McSorely.”

Performers and/or Works Performed

aka Elly Mavourneen
Composer(s): Crouch [composer-cello]
Participants:  John Farley
Composer(s): Callcott
Participants:  Eugénie de Lussan
Composer(s): Eichberg
Participants:  Mina Geary


Advertisement: New-York Times, 23 September 1866, 7.
Announcement: New-York Times, 27 September 1866, 4.
Announcement: New York Herald, 27 September 1866, 4.
Advertisement: New York Herald, 27 September 1866, 7.
Review: New York Herald, 29 September 1866, 10.

“Ballad concerts are to the opera as light French wines to the [sic] more potent beverages of England and America, and they are and always have been deservedly popular. Many of our leading vocalists earned their first laurels in the concert room in some old and popular air which appealed more to the heart by its simplicity and grace than by its merit as a scientific composition. Catherine Hayes and many other operatic artistes were pleasing ballad singers. Even those who were subsequently electrified by the peerless La Diva in opera could never forget the impressions she first made in the concert rooms of England by her singing of the old Scotch ballad, “Within a Mile of Edinboro.” Irving Hall was comfortably filled on Thursday night with a miscellaneous audience on the occasion of Mr. Gustavus Geary’s annual ballad concert.  The principal singers were Messrs. G. Geary and J. Farley, Mme. De Lussan and Miss Mina Geary. The Irish ballad, “Elly Mavourneen” was given by Mr. Farley without either feeling or expression; and the song, “Come In and Shut the Door,” Mme. De Lussan treated as if it was an Italian Bravura, or one of Rossini’s Cavatinas [sic]. That charming little ballad, “He Still was There,” from the operetta of the Dr. of Alcantara, was given by Miss Mina Geary with a winning grace, and was rewarded with a unanimous encore. Mr. Geary’s rendition of Moore’s Irish melodies has been always popular, and his singing of “Believe Me if all Those Endearing Young Charms,” and others, sustained his previous reputation. Mr. Hoffman’s piano solos were pleasing and were well received. The frequent applause bestowed during the performance testified to the satisfaction of the audience.”