Concert in Aid of Poland

Event Information

Irving Hall

Event Type:
Chamber (includes Solo), Choral

Performance Forces:
Instrumental, Vocal

Record Information


Last Updated:
11 May 2013

Performance Date(s) and Time(s)

19 Apr 1864, Evening

Program Details

Guerrabella was originally scheduled to appear but was replaced by Brinkerhoff.

Performers and/or Works Performed


Announcement: New-York Times, 16 March 1864, 4.
“Messrs. Mollenhauer, assisted by eminent artists, will give a Grand Concert at Irving Hall . . . for the benefit of the cause of Polish nationality and freedom.” 
Announcement: New York Post, 14 April 1864, 2.

Announcement: New York Post, 18 April 1864.

Announcement: Courrier des États-Unis, 18 April 1864.

Advertisement: New York Herald, 19 April 1864.

Announcement: New York Post, 19 April 1864, 2.

Announcement: New-York Times, 19 April 1864, 4.
“Concert To-Night.—The grand vocal and instrumental concert to be given this evening at Irving Hall, for the benefit of the cause of Poland, deserves to be a success, as well on account of the eminence of the artists who are to take part in it, and the distinguished committee of ladies under whose patronage it is given, as of the charitable object it is intended to subserve.  There are few programmes that can show a more powerful array of names than this, and we are quite sure that the public will give the grand concert the great success it merits.”
Advertisement: New-York Times, 19 April 1864, 7.
Announcement: New-York Daily Tribune, 19 April 1864.

Announcement: Courrier des États-Unis, 19 April 1864.

Review: New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung und Herold, 20 April 1864, 8.
Unfortunately and undeservedly, the concert was not well attended.  Mr. Mollenhauer and his student, Master Bernard Bretto, were able to galvanize the audience toward enthusiastic applause with their duet.  Of all the other soloists, the baritone vocalist, Mr. Ardavani, seemed to be favored most by the audience, although he is still singing ‘semper tremolando,’ as he has been doing for years.  The Arion sang two of their best songs and were well received.
Review: Musical Review and World, 23 April 1864, 135.
“A concert in aid of Poland at Irving Hall, under the patronage of a great many ladies attracted considerable attention.  Mlle. Kroliknoska [sic] (Piano), and Messrs. Maccaferri, Ardavani, E.H. [sic] Mollenhauer, L. Schrieber, the Bretto Brothers, and the members of the ‘Arion’ assisted.  Mad. Clara Brinkerhoff very kindly consented to take the place of Mad. Guerrabella, who could not appear.”